6 signs that tell you’re in the wrong job

signs of wrong job
signs of wrong job

It can be tricky to acknowledge we’re struggling at the office.Sometimes it’s down to embarrassment; we assume people will think we are less intelligent or capable when we talk openly about our shortcomings. At times it’s about fear of being labelled a moan or self-entitled. Afterall, no job is ideal and we all just have to get on with it?

Wrong. No occupation is without its frustrations however, there are particular things which shouldn’t be passed off as everyday work grievances or underplayed as only part of working life.

Listed below are just 6 signs you’re in the wrong job.

Motivation is a distant memory
Everything on your job appears stale and uninspiring. You lack excitement and each working day feels the same. You are completing the necessary tasks but it’s been a long time as you’ve felt challenged or excited by a project. The idea of taking on new responsibilities, upskilling or even disinterests you and you continue to coast. While it’s not possible to become highly creative and productive everyday, you should not be in a job in which you’re not applying yourself where you can’t find a future. If deflation is a daily occurrence


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